Nature Egg Smash

Easter is upon us so here are two lovely activities to get you outside enjoying nature and celebrating eggs!

You will need:

An empty 12 egg box (if you use 6s, just halve the number of shells you use)

12 clean half shells

A toy hammer or metal spoon

Activity #1

If your child is anything like mine, they will find tiny items on the ground, be it a stone, a catkin or an old, rattly acorn, absolutely fascinating and spend their time on trips out bending down and picking up these little treasures. I’m sure this is both developing her muscles (she can really hold a squat) and her fine motor skills and pincer grip. Given this, I think this is a great activity to encourage a funny toddler trait, and there’s also a lot of language around counting and naming objects that you can use while you do it!

When you next leave the house, either to visit the park, playground or just the garden, take your egg box with you. As you go, point out small treasures on the ground that your child can pick up and add to their egg box. Here are 12 seasonal suggestions but I’m sure, depending on where and when you go, your eagle-eyed offspring will make this their own!



  • A leaf skeleton
  • An old acorn

  • A seed

  • Blades of grass

  • A daisy

  • A daffodil

  • A crocus

  • A colourful leaf left over from autumn

  • A rough pebble

  • A tiny twig

  • An empty snail shell

When you reach home, put the box of treasures away until you’ve managed to gather enough egg shells for Activity 2, and ideally long enough that your little one won’t remember what they found.

Activity #2

Turn over the clean empty egg shells so that their round tops are facing upwards and place one in each egg box hole, covering one of the outdoor treasures you collected. Continue until all treasures are covered.

Invite your child to use their toy hammer or spoon to smash each egg open and discover what is underneath!

Depending on how crafty you’re feeling, you could upscale this activity with drawings, faces, letters or numbers on the egg shells using a permanent marker.

Both these activities can be done time and time again and never lose their wonder if the items underneath change each time. If you haven’t managed to get out and about, why not put pompoms or buttons (age dependent) underneath the shells, or make an edible version with raisins, cereal or even chocolate treats?

Again, if your child is cleaning obsessed like mine, another fun activity is sweeping up the egg shards afterwards!

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