Children have an incredible capacity to make-believe; it’s one of the things as a teacher I enjoy most about spending time with them. My own daughter has just started to enter the world of imaginative play. She is just remarkable. She likes to play tea parties, but anything can be a cup if it’s near enough. She seems to have basic requirements for it being solid (no fabric) and hand-held (nothing massive), but books, remotes and stones have all been used as tea cups in her game. She’s not so fussed about the reality; she’s committed to the enjoyment of her plan.

little girl with cup

We often think as adults that we’ve left the days of imagination behind us, but I think we just don’t realise because nowadays our imagination serves as a practical tool (if we move that there and put that there, will it look better?) or fuel for our anxiety (what if…?).

Taking a few moments as a parent to get stuck into imaginative play is a precious joy.

At our stay and play sessions, as well as valuable moments getting to talk to other adults, we provide the space to get stuck in exploring, creating and playing yourself.

Parenting can be exhausting, often leaving you doubting you’ve got energy left for a bit of fun. But giving a little space to play might reawaken your whimsical side.

Which after the 10th nappy of the day, can feel it’s deserted you. Applying your imagination to the present, turning the mundane into something extraordinary, is something we can definitely learn from children.

Keep following this blog for ideas on how you can get alongside your little one in projects and activities that will reawaken your own imagination as well as growing theirs.

What was your favourite imaginary game when you were little? What does your child love to play? Are there any games you play together? Comment below!

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